Welcome to the new home of anonimatron, the free, extendable, open source database anonymization tool.

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Did you ever have that problem where you needed “production data” to find a bug or do performance tests outside of the client’s production environment? Are you worried about protecting that data? Do you add screenshots to your bug reports? Can you live with surrogate data with the same properties? Then this tool is for you.


NEW! Support for anonymizing files!

  • 100% Java 1.7, multi platform, runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux derivatives. Yes it will run on Java 1.9 too. We're just being friendly to our friends in the enterprise world.
  • Anonymizes data using semantic data types. Anonimatron can generate fake email addresses, fake Roman names, and UUID’s out of the box.
  • Extendable, easily implement and add your own anonymization handlers
  • Easily configurable to anonymize specific colums in specific tables
  • Easily extensible for anonymizing files of any type with configurable fields and types
  • Anonymizes data in a 100% reproducable manner, no need to re-write your tests to handle random data
  • Multi database, uses SQL92 standards and supports Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL out of the box. Anonimatron will autodetect the following JDBC drivers: DB2, MsSQL, Cloudscape, Pointbase, Firebird, IDS, Informix, Enhydra, Interbase, Hypersonic, jTurbo, SQLServer and Sybase.
  • 100% free of charge, MIT licensed

Anonimatron is an open source project, and gets better with your help. Do you think you have written an interesting extension, do you want to write useful documentation, or do you have other suggestions? [Please let us now.](